Welcome home to your self

Everyone loses their way. And although global nomads are great at navigating the world around them, they can get truly lost in their inner world. Whether your foreign adventure was initiated by you, your parents, or a partner, the ordinary ups and downs of life are framed differently for an international adventurer such as you.

Loss, illness, and relational challenges receive an added layer of pain, especially when you get hooked into the pressure of making this foreign adventure work. Slowly but surely your outer compass becomes skewed. My active listening skills help you to discover why and when you stopped plotting your own true course.

It’s my job to show you how the inner adventure can support the outer.

As a fellow globetrotter and international counsellor with over twenty-five years experience, it’s been my privilege to help clients reconnect with their inner compass. To help them to optimise their foreign experience and meet their new world with far greater confidence and resilience.

So why not invest in yourself now, so you can feel secure about future adventures. No matter what life brings, you will have the resilience and the confidence to navigate by your own inner compass, curious instead of afraid about where it might take you.

Finding your inner compass

Inner Compass

Most physical and emotional complaints are signals from your deeper self to reconnect and bring inner harmony. It’s a challenge but the rewards are great. So why on earth would you still go through life anxious and lost, listening to what others say, if I can teach you to really start hearing yourself and in so doing, heal yourself.

Having lived and worked away from my home country for over thirty years and planning yet another international move, I am well acquainted with the specific challenges and joys of a life lived internationally and cross culturally.

This has been the main focus of my work for twenty-five years.

Core Model

My core training is in a psychodynamically informed transpersonal model called Psychosynthesis. This holds the assumption that the adjustments and life decisions created during our developmental years result in unconscious  patterns that no longer serve us and even harm us. We work from 'here and now' to 'then and there' so that you can freely move into the future.

The transpersonal model asserts that there is a deeper, wiser self, beyond the concerns of these unconscious patterns that direct the ego-self. This deeper self is the source of self-love and healing, as well as the clearest compass for our future journey.

Invest in your mental wellbeing

Invest in yourself per session

  • Includes moms
  • Sessions last 60 minutes.
  • Payment monthly for sessions used

Normal rates

1100 sek 

(Euro 100)

Invest in yourself long term

  • Pay for nine and get one session free.  
  • Package can be spread out as you like 
  • Payment in two installments


10% discount for ten session package.