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                                         Life in Transit

                                         September 2023

"Transition and change are a constant. Our lives progress in cycles. And the courage to let go of one life and embrace another, brings new opportunities, new roles to play in the great game of life.

I relish that feeling that the world is once again my oyster. Like receiving a new batch of clay to mould into something that will integrate with what I’ve become so far. "

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                                          The Unknown

                                          October 2023

"And letting all that go, I’m opening the door to the unknown of a new living environment. The unknown of a transition from ‘just’ motherhood to also being a grandparent. The unknown of financial stability.

So many questions arise in the unknown; will I get enough work? Will I feel like an outsider again? Where will I live? Who will look after the dog? My mind swirls round and round like a fairground ride. This move, like every other move, feels as tantalising as it is daunting. Full of potential for life enhancing failures and triumphs alike."

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                                        Toxic Anxiety

                                        November 2023

"Imagine a random Monday morning in my brain. The amygdala are firing; “buy this serendipity night cream or you will look old,” adding, “and you will die.” And hot on the heels of that message, “voting labour means Russia will invade all of Europe and we will all die.” The neurons receiving these messages in my pre-frontal cortex smile gently; “she must be reading the Daily Mail again."

Because fear sells. The fear of growing old makes you buy that cream, the fear of war makes you vote for that party. Better to believe in something than to feel helplessly afraid."

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                                           Old and New

                                           December 2023

"All my belongings remain in storage in Holland while I wait for the bank to sanction my money transfer. But not my mother’s ancient Fiddle-leaf fig tree. It’s a fifty-year-old green global nomad, first cared for and nurtured by my mum in several different countries, and later by me. It has seen me grow from childhood to grandparenthood! 

I am now the proud owner of a vase in my hotel room with the beginnings of two new Fiddle-leaf fig trees. And that’s been a great metaphor for this different way of transitioning into my new life."

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                                        Life is Chess

                                               January 2024

"When you start playing a game of chess you already know that you are only in control of your side of the game. That goes for any game of skill, be it scrabble or World of Warcraft. Most people are aware of this and, most of the time at least, they accept this.

However, when it comes to the game of life, we suddenly seem to think we are in control of the outcome. Why else would we turn each decision round and round in our fevered mind, just to be sure we’re making the right one?

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                                       Empathy is mirroring

                                              February 2024

Almost twenty-five years ago I found myself in the emergency room at Södersjukhuset with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. It was my third ectopic and fifth miscarriage, and so you could say I was battle hardened. I was feeling calm and knew what lay ahead.

After ninety minutes a stressed, lightly panicked young doctor blew into my waiting suite; “I’m sorry you had to wait but there are actually women having babies out there that I have to take care of.” This not being my first rodeo, I was able to calmly say; “that must be so much more fulfilling than dealing with pregnancy fuckups like me.”.

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